IFYE Exchange

Are you interested in going abroad, coming to Luxembourg as an IFYE or hosting young internationals? Read on to learn more about IFYE!


Go on exchange!

Going on an IFYE exchange means making life changing experiences and becoming a true IFYE. 

During your exchange you will live with different host families, often experienced in hosting. This allows you to meet people from various backgrounds and thus to gain a broader perspective about life in your host country. You will engage in all aspects of family life: Family outings, community activities but also household chores. The IFYE program is not a touristic entertainment program. It isn’t a school program either. Its interest is purely cultural. The everyday life of the hosting families set the rhythm of the activities you will be a part of.

Some of the hosts are farming families. During your stay with them, you are expected to take part in some of the farm work. However, you are not considered a worker on the farm. This means that you are not paid for your work. However, you live with the family who will share their home, care and traditions with you.


Get a taste of Luxembourg!

Welcome to the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg – a unique country with a very cosmopolitan society. 

Situated in western Europe, Luxembourg counts among the smallest countries of the continent. Indeed, due to its tiny size of 2,586 km2 and a population of nearly 650.000 it is often overlooked. However, there are many things to discover. Not only the landscapes surprise with a variety of features. Also the people themselves bring in a broad mix of cultures. Nearly 50% of the population is international. This creates a unique environment.

The IFYE exchange program exists in Luxembourg since the late 1950s and has ever since been cherished by the ones involved. As an incoming IFYE you will become a part of a close network of passionate and openminded people that can’t wait to welcome you in their county and their home.


Become a host family!

Interested in getting in touch with young people from abroad? We are constantly looking for new families in Luxembourg that are eager to learn about foreign cultures and to welcome young international people in their home.

As a host family you are expected to introduce the incoming IFYE (the exchange participant from abroad) to the national culture, the way of living in Luxembourg but also to your very own family life. 

Being a host family in the IFYE program means taking in a young international person for a period of two to four weeks. Your home should thus allow for proper accommodation of the incoming person. All incoming IFYEs are between 18 and 30 years old. During their stay they are considered a member of the family and expected to behave as such.

To facilitate communication, it is easiest if at least one person in the host family handles some basic English. But it isn’t an absolute necessity.  The experience has shown that people always find a way to understand each other. In the end, words are not the only way of communication.